About Credit Card

It is safe to use your Credit card.As our secure socket layer (SSL) software is the industry standard, the best software for e-commerce transactions. It will encrypt your card number credit and detailed information.
My credit card was declined, and now?
There are many reasons for a credit card transaction declined. The most common reason is that the address you entered does not match your single billing. If this happens, try again with the billing address correct.

A simple typing error may also cause the transaction must ê be rejected, including entering the wrong credit card number, expiration date or incorrect CVN-code (the security number on the back of your card).
If your credit is still not admitted that I have some suggestions:
- Wait one day and try new
- Make sure your card is not yet exceeded its limit
- Make that your credit card has not expired
- Make sure you typed the name correctly on the front of the card
- Try another card a credit